We are always on the lookout for new images. We pay all our photographers for any image we use, all we ask is for the images to be local to Devon or Cornwall and for the images to be cropped square, as all our greeting cards are square! The image needs to be clear and of high quality and please bear in mind the image will need to be suitable to be used as a greeting card. We look forward to hearing from you, so if you are handy with a camera and would like to submit some images for us to take a look at, just drop us a message and we will get back to you stating how to submit your images.

Andrew Axford
Baz McDonald
Chris Small
Coralie Goodman
Dan Goodman
David Clark
Deborah Morphew
Francesca Metherell
Gavin Warland
Greg Martin
John Proudfoot
Jordan Weeks
Jo Sheppard
Michele Bacchus
Richard Ford
Richard Thorpe
Rodney Stanbury
Rosie Spooner
Rupert Stockwin
Shaun Sluggett
Simon Pope
Sue Gear
Tina Diebna
Tom Edwards
P & P Chandler
Louise Cohen
Ben Jones
Jacquie Wilkes
Stephen Thompson
Wendy Newing
Tom Peters
Jolyon Vincent
Beverley Tree
Zuma Jay
Stephen Tolley
Rebecca Hickson
Isabell Geran
Miriam Spettigue
Leandra Mallinson
Jules Dickinson
Rob Stewart
Ben Jordan
Andy Davies